Friday, May 17, 2013


I haven't written in a while, sorry about that.

In the past two weeks I had some more exams, and the Jewish holiday 'Shavuot' came.
I don't like holidays, I hate the preparation before them, my mom usually kinda freak out and yell at all of us.

The meals in this holiday usually a dairy meal, so I helped my mom make pasta, it was kind of good.
During the holiday I got a wood chunk stuck under my fingernail, it was painfully at first, I tried pulling it out but it only caused more pain, so yesterday I went with my mom to the hospital and the doctor pulled it out.
I'm actually writing with this finger now, so everything went okay.

I'm planning on getting a job, I'll go and try to take care of it this week.

Good night,

Monday, May 6, 2013

Another exam

Another exam behind me, just a lot more to go.
Today I moved a little bit closer to completing this year, I don't know of my grades will be something to be proud about, I just need to complete as much exams as possible with the best grades I can, but I can always redo them in the beginning of next year, so that's something, wish me luck.

And on another topic, my Internet somehow became a lot faster, I don't know how this happened, but downloading on almost 1 mb for a second is really nice, for exchange I can start downloading torrents and actually be able to use them the same day.

Okay, that's all for today.
I don't have much to write, I need to study and do school stuff, which I probably won't do.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

And now, Thursday

Okay, so today I woke up at 11 thirty, after I convinced my parent that we aren't gonna study anything today anyway.
I thought it was true, but turns out that we studied almost all day, so lucky for me, because I need to check what I missed.

Today I saw the latest HIMYM and TBBT episodes, of course HIMYM wasn't, I don't know they didn't planned to finish the series this season. They are making another season, and if it follow the path the other seasons walked, it's gonna be the worst season so far, but I'll still watch it, I have to.

TBBT was funny as always, Sheldon was hilarious, Raj was, as always the radical version of himself, and that's not funny anymore. I basically watch this series because of Sheldon.

Well, sorry for the short post, I didn't have much to write, and I didn't wanted to start swinging to another topics,
I'm planning to extend every post to talk a little more about myself.

Good night,

Monday, April 29, 2013

A simple Monday

Well, today I stayed home.
Every time I stay home as a free day, I wake up and look at my watch, if it's before 12 I wait awhile, I try to hear if my dad is home, if he does I wait 'till eleven thirty and then I go to the living room, if he's there I pour some milk and eat cookies or cake with it, I take the newspaper and read everything written there, trying to waste as much time as possible.
You see, I come from a religious house, my whole family is religious, except my brother, who "came out of the closet" in a really long progress, step by step he stopped practicing our religion, of course every step was followed by a really big fight with my parents.
Any way, currently my religious views will be considered as atheism, it's not exactly it, but it's probably describe it well.
So every morning I'm required to pray, when I get up, and put on 'Tefilin', a Jewish accessory, which Jewish males, after their 'bar-mitzvah' have to put on while praying in the morning.
As an atheist I find it really unnecessary and sort of peganish to put on strips of an animal's leather and praying with it, so I try to avoid it by waiting for my father to leave, so I won't need to pray and put these on.

I know it's long and not really organized, but I think that I have to explain those things, in order to clarify what I mean.

Well, tomorrow I have a big math exam, which will greatly affect my final grade this year, and my final grade in math.
Of course I've barely touched my book, I barely study to every exam.
Don't think I'm a genius or something, I just can't really get my self to really sit down and study for a couple of hours straight, I did it for two of my three big exams last year, I sat for hours studying history, and for my language exam I studied a little, not as much as I should've. My third big exam last year was an exam about bible, we needed to simply read and remember Exodus and Numbers, the exam was with an open bible, so of course I didn't studied for it.

Well, this post was meant to simply talk about my day, but I got carried away with explainings and the post became really long, so I'll end it here.
I'm gonna write again this Thursday, I guess that in the following posts I'll have to do some more background writing, but I guess that the posts will get shorter as time goes by, and I hope that I'll stop writing unnecessary things, and get to the point faster.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Every blog has a beginning


I'm gonna call myself Mitchell.
I like this name, it's actually my nickname.

So, how do I start?
I've already told you my name, I'm almost 17, and right now I hate my life.
I hate everything about it, my family, my house, my school, my country.  I even hate myself.
I don't know if anyone but me will ever read this, but I really need to write this and get this off my chest.

My plans for the future are running away from everything I hate, I'm going to move away, I'm planning to go live in NYC, that's actually what kept me going so far.
When I imagine how my future will be like, I see myself living in NYC, I don't really care about the details, I just imagine myself walking in the streets and just looking at all the places I've seen on television.

People will say I'm addicted, I'm addicted to my computer and that I'm addicted to Coca-Cola. I don't think I really am addicted, I just haven't found a worthy replacement for any of them.

I don't really know why I started this blog, I'm not really the type of guy, who openly talk about himself. I guess I just really need to talk to someone, even if it's myself.

Well, i don't know if I'm really gonna persist with this blog, right now I'm planning on writing a couple times a week, I think that if I'll start writing daily I'll run out of what to talk about in that week, and I'll slowly stop writing. I don't want that to happen.

So I'm ending this now, If I won't continue this blog this week, then I'll probably won't continue it at all, so I'm gonna make sure I'll write some more tomorrow, and one more time this week, maybe Thursday.